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        Ladies and gentlemen:

        How do you do!

        Guangzhou universiade motorcycle co., LTD., is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer in China, the main production and sales "universiade" and "wind gallop" two brands of motorcycles and engines. Since its establishment, the company at all levels of government, customers, dealers and cell, and from all walks of life friend's concern and support, the rapid growth of the main economic and technical indicators, the products sell well in domestic and international markets, corporate reputation is increasing day by day, enhance brand image, has developed into a key enterprise of our country's motorcycle industry and guangdong area. In guangzhou, I, on behalf of the universiade motorcycle co., LTD., for all the concern and support of our friends express my heartfelt thanks!

        In the next few years, we will continue to expand investment, strengthen quality control, increasing technical innovation, speed up the market development, is committed to the creation of a national brand and the development of national industry, for Chinese motorcycle enterprises and their contributions to the economic construction.

        "Aimlessly knows the east wind, full always spring." We believe that the care of people from all walks of life, under the guidance of the company at the top of the correct leadership and the joint efforts of all staff, under the guangzhou universiade will continuously made new achievements, is bound to create more wealth for the society, will be toward the "internationalization of motorcycle kingdom" the grand goal of strides forward!

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