Service strategy

        Focus on customers, focus on customer needs and experiences, implement service differentiation service strategy, comprehensively promote customer satisfaction projects, and create the most well-known motorcycle service brand in China.

Dayun Motorcycle adheres to the "customer-centered" service concept, pays attention to customer needs and experience, creates a "whole-crossing" service brand, and puts forward the service slogan of "Full-time care and no worries". The core concept is to create a "five worry-free" project in accordance with the service standards of "three full service, four construction, six unification", that is, relying on the largest call center in the domestic automobile industry and the service network throughout the country to service customers. Providing "all-weather, all-round, all-process" and "standardized, affectionate, personalized, professional" services, through "unified service concept, unified service image, unified service standards, unified service processes, unified Service training, unified service accessories", we make sure customers really experience" "worry-free service, worry-free accessories, worry-free rescuing, worry-free caring, worry-free honesty."

The connotation of "Worry-free" is not only the after-sales service in the traditional sense, but also the integration of the concept of customer service into all the business aspects of R&D, manufacturing, and sales services. Each business link is customer-centric, maximizing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Service platform

        Dayun Motorcycle adheres to the "customer-centered" construction of a global service system, and integrates domestic and international service resources to build a three-part sharing platform for parts logistics center, service training center and call center to provide high-quality one-stop service for global transportation customers.

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